Assisting luminary thinkers ascend the global stage

RADventures is a private investment company. We invest in bright people and game-changing ideas both in Australia and abroad. We regularly participate in early stage funding rounds.

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Assisting luminary thinkers ascend the global stage.

RADventures is a collaborative group of forward thinking individuals who carry years of diverse international experience in the investment arena and have access to valuable and specialised networks.

A broad portfolio ranging from cyber security through to drone technology reflects the diverse interests and specialised experience of the RADventures team.

RADventures is a valuable ally for bright individuals with visionary concepts that fulfil the changing needs of today's world. We invest and partner with founders that have:

Rad Team
Jeevan Koo

Jeevan Koo

Managing Partner, Radventures

An engineer by trade, Jeevan carved out his own specialised career path by working in international aid and subsequently heading up large scale hotel developments in Bangkok, Melbourne, Dubai and Washington DC.

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Driven by a love of travel, Jeevan's work took him around the globe and eventually brought him home to Adelaide. Finding Adelaide to be a hotbed of specialized tech start ups and forward thinking new businesses, led to the creation of RADventures.

“At RAD we are searching for the extraordinary in the everyday, the solutions to global issues and the brilliance of the future”

Bringing together all the elements of his experience, and those of the other partners, RADventures invests in companies from Australia and around the world normally in pre seed, seed and early series funding rounds.

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